asistente nga shtepia

Our consultancy firm, specialized in advising companies in their launch phase, has done business in the USA since 2004.
With our new branch office in London, we are looking to hire a full-time executive to work on our US existing operations.
You will work from home. Working hours are from 9 a.m. EST to 5 p.m. EST from Monday to Friday. (EST Eastern Standard Time).
This means from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. in Albania.

Working with us means dealing with a new entrepreneur every day, constantly learning about different industries, and benefitting from diverse experiences.
Our office enjoys a fast-paced environment, where one cannot get bored.
Our company praises team members’ initiatives, creativity, integrity, dedication, and hard work.
The well being and happiness of the team is a strong priority.

Here are some of the tasks you would carry out:

– Collecting info from our US clients
– Doing editorial work
– Organize and manage our knowledge database
– Writing content where appropriate
– Insert content in the various parts of the document
– Putting together documents
– Proofreading document in terms of content and styling
– Ensuring that the content is well positioned and properly styles
– Searching, resizing and placing pictures
– Sending assignments to the content production team members
– Reviewing and amending assignment sheets where appropriate
– Ensuring that the work carried out by our freelancers is done properly
– Making changes to existing documents
– Incorporating financial tables
– Populating financial tables
– Responding to emails
– Organizing our market research library

You will also work directly with the company’s founder who is a serial entrepreneur and a former investment banker.
You will get plenty of exposure working with clients.

To apply, you should:

– Be fluent in English
– Have excellent business writing skills
– Have a keen eye for details
– Demonstrate very good organizational skills
– Be energetic and motivated
– Be a team player
– Have a positive energy
– Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
– Ability to handle pressure
– Integrity
– Maturity
– Be accountable for and reliable
– Open to learning. Fast learner
– Get things done rapidly where appropriate
– Have good phone manners

Academically, you need to have at least a Bachelor Degree preferably in Commerce and preferably studied in English.

We are ONLY looking for somebody really motivated who can follow through our clients and work the extra mile if need be.

Please apply by supplying a cover letter specific to this ad at [email protected]

as well as a resume with precise dates of past employment in addition to a sample of your writing.

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